The final 3? (NaPoWriMo Day 28, 29 & 30)

As per prompts go, it’s the end of National Poetry Writing Month! As per my writing goes, I still have a couple of poems to write to fully complete the month. Well, hasn’t it been a ride this April. Almost completing the whole writing challenge is a whole deal for me. Yes, I missed a couple of days but I persevered and wrote as much as I can. I may not deserve to feel this proud just yet (I mean, there are still 4-5 poems I’ve gotta write), but I do. Anyway, the prompt on the 28th was to write about an object thats to the left of where you’re sitting, and next t me happens to be a tumbler. So that is the poem prompt #28 gave rise to:

The tumbler stands tall despite it’s small frame

Assisting children and the elderly alike
And everyone in between
To drink what their hearts desire
But when thrown to the ground in anger
Or even by mistake
The strike of the ground hurts
The tumbler in it’s stainless steel glory
Remains as is
Serving silently (unless dropped to the ground)
And doing it’s duty.
Prompt 29 was to pick a tagline of any advertisement, and use that as the title of your poem. I did that quite literally, and decided to begin and end my poem with the tagline. I believe the company that uses this tagline is fairly obvious, so I won’t state which it is 😛 So here’s the poem instead:

Because you’re worth it.
You’re worth being understood
Having all the walls, curtains, masks
Covering your soul
To be pulled apart by careful and tender fingers
With no sketchy intentions.
You’re worth all the love in the world
Enough to carry you from the depths of your mind
High enough to see the light that every one else sees
Emanating from your eyes
And every inch of your sparkling being.
You’re worth everything you think you don’t deserve
What you think you can never
Cause human
Everyone is learning everyday
And as cliched as it may sound
You’re soon going to be accepted, loved and found
Because you’re worth it.
And now to the final prompt of NaPoWriMo 2017 by Airplane Poetry Movement. It was the word ‘Endless’. I decided to look at the word in slightly different manner, I hope you understand the meaning of the poem, and what it stands for. That’s all i want to say about, interpret it as you please.

Without further ado, here is my response to prompt #30:

The moon orbiting the Earth
Reminds me of my feelings for you.
Twice I wished to pull away
And once I did
But it was all marked by the same outcome.
I’m stuck in the same place.
And when your face lights up,
A smile crosses mine as well
Not only because of my feelings for you,
Because you’re my friend too
And losing you is the last thing I’d ever want
For us two.
Our friendship
Will remain as endless and as strong
As the gravity that keeps the moon and Earth together
Floating and revolving and rotating
Living our own lives, but being there for one another
And still far enough
For me to let you go,
And find my way back to you again.
with feelings purely platonic,
and nothing else.
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4 thoughts on “The final 3? (NaPoWriMo Day 28, 29 & 30)

  1. Wonderful set of poems here! Really liked the last two!

    Also, Congratulations on completing the NaPoWriMo! You’re commitment and desire for poetry and art will pay off! It’s been a pleasure to have gone through this journey! It was a wonderful journey that you’ve taken us through these 30 days.

    Looking forward to read more. All of this reminded of the German Proverb: Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst (To begin is easy, to persist is an art)

  2. I absolutely loooooved one about being worth it and the last one . I think they’re my favourites. ❤ Congrats on finishing it da! Takes a lot of commitment 🙂 And all of them were so so good 😀 Please keep writing, I've gotten used to a daily dose of poetry!

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