W&Scatter (NaPoWriMo Day 25 & 26)

Hello guys, day before yesterdays prompt was to choose a single letter from the English alphabet and write a poem with the first word of every line containing that letter. I chose the letter ‘W’, well, just because. No specific reason why. But yes, this poem is about friends and discovering yourself and being at peace with who you were and who you are.

Washed up on a shore
Where you’ve never been before

Waving to new faces
Wearing a new face yourself
Waiting to be understood and found
Wondering who will look past your fresh face
Working to uncover the older faces
Whether it be friend or foe
Will not matter as long as they help you see
What you are
Who you were and
Whom you’re meant to be.

And yesterday’s prompt was to find the closest book next to you, and write a poem beginning with the first line on page 30. Since I am typing this on my laptop, I opened up ‘The Wild Sheep Chase’ by Haruki Murakami, and wrote this poem, based on that:
… ‘Then swept up the cracker crumbs with a bill’.
Crumbs a metaphor for how he felt
One gust of wind and he would come undone
Just like dandelion seeds flitting away under the sun
He would scatter
And lose himself to feelings he did not want to feel.
(Photo taken from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83668505553132761/)

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