Green With (NaPoWriMo Day 27)

Hello all, today’s prompt is to write about your favourite colour. I like a lot of colours, and with the help of my sister – I chose the colour ‘Green’. And I chose a different approach to it, I hope what I’m trying to say in conveyed clearly. Without further ado, here’s the poem 🙂

She looms behind the backs of the unknowing
Whispering sweet nothings into their ears
Luring them to the depths,
The depths of their own minds
And brings forward their very own fears
the smallest occurrences
The littlest thoughts with recurrences
As often as the impulses jolting through neurons
Adding on to the thinking one often does
Creating nuances that never existed
Coupled with the crushing feeling
Of longing in their chests
For things that they could hold in their grasp
Things that got over too fast
Or things that can never be theirs in the first place.
By this stage,
She turns away with a smirk
For her work is done
And her victims sheen is a sickly green
For they have been bitten by the bug of jealousy.

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