Afterlife (NaPoWriMo Day 24)

As you may have assumed from the title of this post (or you may have not), the prompt for today is the single word ‘afterlife‘. We’re allowed to interpret in any way we want to, and I think the way I’m looking at it slightly different. Here’s the poem, before I get to explaining myself:

I look back on the past and smile.
Where I stand right now,
I thought would be my afterlife.
Call me melodramatic
But I’m surprised I’ve made it this far.
Through the struggles, the heartache and the pain
I’ve managed to survive
With an uncertain smile and staggered breath
And a brain that’s held it’s shit together.
I smile because I’ve survived
And I know there’s much left to come
Life is never easy,
It’s the journey, the messy bits
The stains and scars
I’m definitely no where near prepared to face what’s in store
But if my ‘afterlife’ feels like the life I’ve wanted for a while,
Who knows what my ‘afterlife’
will look like when I would have stepped closer to my dreams
And all my colours
– dizzying blues and magnificent purples, startling greens and a sun-shiny yellow –
burst the seams of my being?

I’m considering the preset to be my afterlife. This is not written necessarily in my perspective, so just think about it this way. It’s to all the people who have ever felt super alone and felt like they can achieve nothing in their life in the past – but have pulled through. They’ve managed to get to this point where they can look back on the past, and smile, cause they made it.

I hope you caught on to what I was trying to say.

(Ps. Photo taken from


2 thoughts on “Afterlife (NaPoWriMo Day 24)

  1. Kudos! It’s a simple and elegant piece here. 🙂

    Here’s story I’d like to shed a light on, it’s about Vincent Van Gogh and I’d like you go through these links hopefully they might be of some use to you!

    1. An excellent video essay here by Adam Westbrook:

    2. Van Gogh’s letter to his brother in what pushes him everyday towards his life’s pursuits:

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