Never Slack Off This Much

So, I wasn’t in the mood to write a poem on the 12th. And I wasn’t able to come up with something, so I decided I’d work on it the next day. This continued and continued, until today – which is the 23rd. And I’m so mad at myself. Geez. But I did promise myself that I would complete NaPoWriMo for sure, so I’ve written a weeks worth of poems in this post. The next post will contain the rest of the poems I missed – so here they are!

Day #12 Prompt: “I come from”
I come from places
Filled with happiness and pain
Places where despite the loss
I’ve always had something I gained
Places where the tears
Sometimes outdid the laughs
But that only taught me to laugh harder
With everything that happens
Living everyday, and embracing the past.

Day #13 Prompt: “Newspaper Headlines”
Newspaper headlines 
Strike me when I stare at the dead tree in my hands 
They stare back at me 
Just like puppies eyeing the last treat. 
The few times I read the paper 
They are all I look at 
And they make
Me feel 
Knowing that the world we live in 
Is riddled with things that I don’t have the power to change
So I ignore today’s headlines 
And sit back. 

Day #14 Prompt: Write an acrostic poem (Ps. WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!) 
Bald and very small 
I probably looked at the world and
Retched, wondering why it wasn’t so dark anymore but, since
Then there have been many days where the light became a friend
Having given me memories I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world 
Days like today remind me of the love I’m surrounded by 
A single day that made me feel like I was home 
Yes, home in hearts. 

Day #15 Prompt: Write about anything I want to write about.

Day #16: Write a poem in the POV of your favourite superhero.
Water keeps me calm 
Just as fire does, which took me a while to understand 
The earth as strong as my intention 
Which sometimes falters, 
Leaving me gasping. 
But when that does happen 
I breathe. 
My primary element fills my lungs 
And I learn to balance. 
I am the Avatar, 
And the world rests on my shoulders. 

Day #17: Write a poem about myself.
A girl who cries every ounce of emotion out of her 
Whether it’s happiness, anger or sadness
Stuck stumbling in the daze of life 
Still finding her calling 
Still finding herself 
Still looking past the cracks 
Her voice makes 
The laughter that she sometimes fakes 
And trying to be the best of what she can be.

Day #18: Write a poem on the word ‘Dirty’. 
The rain batters the ground 
And there’s that beautiful sound all around 
The pitter-patter of rain drops 
And then 
I jump into all the puddles I see 
Coating my self in a thin layer of mud 
Before I am cleansed again by the onslaught of water 
Emerging from the giggling skies 
Full of life 
And  I sigh
I embrace the freeing feeling of nature 
Cleansing my soul, discarding the dirt 
I carried around on my skin and in my heart 
And I put my own peace first 
By just standing in the rain.

(Ps. Photo taken from
(P.Ps. The cat is very exasperated with me. It’s a reflection of my inner-self right now.)


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