Stones and Nuts (NaPoWriMo Day 9 & 10)

Yesterday’s prompt was questions. Again, I couldn’t post on time. (Much thanks to procrastination and last minute preparations.) This is what I could come up with this time:


Swirling around
Always found
But never making any sound
As I keep them underground
At the very base of my throat
Cause sometimes
I’d rather keep them there
Than have them curl against my tongue
And listen to words that I’d rather not hear
So they stay
Where they are
Sediments and sediments turn into rock
Leaving wounds that eventually scar
And I forget just how far
deep within fossils are found
In the ground.
So even if I wanted to,
I can’t make a sound.

Today’s prompt was to write a love letter to something you hate, and yes I hate Cashew Nuts. I know they’re favourite to many, but when you’re allergic to something you’re generally not that pleased with it. Anyway, here’s my poem on cashews. Hope you enjoy! (Ps. I feel like it’s a pretty shitty love letter, but I tried.)

To the best friend I’ve always had,

The Cashew nut.
You’re present in almost every dish at home
Paysa, curries and even bloody curd rice
I can go on for days
Trying to pick you out of everything I eat
So that my throat doesn’t itch
And feel like there’s an elephant sitting on my tongue.
Oh, and the dreaded Cashew Burfi
Everyone’s favourite,
You linger on the tip of their lips
Begging them for yet another kiss
While I groan and hiss
Cause you’ve caught them under your spell
And thanks to that
They won’t stop asking why I can’t love you as much as well.

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