Pray and Forest (NaPoWriMo Day 7 and 8)

Hey guys, I missed yesterday’s prompt! * insert sad face * There were other things I had to deal with, hence by the time I remember the prompt it was today morning. But I still did it, and yesterday’s prompt was to use the words next to your birthday month and write a poem with 5 stanzas beginning with those exact words. My birthday is this month (6 days to be exact and I’m super excited!) and the words next to April was – ‘Pray like‘. I’m really happy with this poem, cause it’s pretty concise (given the topic i chose to write about) and I felt I was able to convey my thoughts pretty well. But that’s what I think, let me know what you do? šŸ™‚

Without further ado, here’s day 7’s poem – titled Pray.

Pray like it’s the first time you wished to be by his side.
When you saw him smile
And realised that it’s a upside down frown you’d like to see for a long while.
Pray like it’s the night he kissed you for the first time
And you wished for clocks to stand still
Before you felt the chill his finger sent down your spine.
Pray like it’s the last time you thought things would be okay
When his hands fell by his sides rather than around yours
And everything couldn’t be worse.
Pray like the time you could only hear your own cries
Overpowering the helpful hugs and worried eyes
And you just wanted everything to be fine.
Pray like the time you wanted to change
The moment you knew that ‘this’ wasn’t worth it anymore
And with your head held high, you walked away.


Here’s Day 8’s poem, which is based on the prompt – ‘Use the last line of your favourite poem as the first line of your poem for today.’ I pickedĀ The Road Not TakenĀ by Robert Frost, as it’s one of the earliest poem’s I properly remember studying in school, and it’s imagery has stayed with me since then. (I actually was thinking of writing it based on Frost’sĀ Stopping by Woods on a Snowy EveningĀ – cause the line ‘Miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep’Ā is one of my favourite lines from any poem that I’ve ever read! Needless to say I won’t continue talking about this, cause then I may have a word-vomit moment and may not stop explaining my self.) My poem’s tone is contradictory to the original poem’s, so let me know what you think about that.

The poem is titledĀ Forest, and begins in approximately 3…. 2….. 1.

I took the one less travelled by

And that made all the difference.
This choice my own
Which made me the person I am today.
I am proud,
No doubt, I am proud of myself
and of this place I’m at right now
But the one less travelled by?
There’s no indication of the perils that lay ahead
Of the sweat and tears I may have to shed
And that scares me.
The path remains dark
Foreboding, ominous and unpleasant to see
My thoughts trepid as I take the twentieth step
Twenty-first, twenty-second, twenty-third
I’m pushing forward, I’m doing all I can
To believe that this path makes all the difference
But sometimes I can’t see it anymore
The faith that I started this journey with
Which helped me take the very first step to forever
And when this knowledge hits
Just like a wall pounded by a sledgehammer
I crumble to the forest floor
Struggling to breathe
Because I don’t believe in myself
To handle what’s in store



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