Galaxies (NaPoWriMo Day 6)

Hello 🙂 Today’s prompt was ‘5 steps to build a human being’. However, I decided to modify the prompt a little bit cause I was feeling a tad creative. The new revamped prompt being 5 steps to build (a better understanding of) a human being. What I tried to convey through this poem is how speaking to and listening to a person, is just like them removing layers of themselves. And when they do that (and you’re there for them and vice versa) you understand them much better.

I hope I made some sense there. So without further ado, here’s the poem!

i. Study the flesh of the being

Watch the colours shift with every emotion
From green to a pasty pale shade and the blush of red
Then slowly remove that skin and
Revel in the complexity that lies within.
ii. Study the muscles intertwined with bones
The tendons that hold everything together
Helping people move forward
From things that once held them captive
Things that affected them deeply, things that did happen.
iii. Study the bones once the muscle is gone
The pieces that keep people grounded
Lengths that that provide structure and strength
They resist and don’t bend
Even when the rest of the world was against them in the end.
iv. Study the heart within the cage that holds it steady
A rhythmic beat, the most reassuring sound
That reminds people they’re still alive
Hurting but surviving
And standing tall despite numerous stumbles and falls.
v. Study the being as they are
Watch the galaxies that reside in their heart with close attention
Missing no one detail
Stars shimmering
And existing just as they are.

(Photo found on tumblr)


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