Laptops Rule (NaPoWriMo Day 5)

Again, finished this poem close to the end of the day. But I finished it! Today’s prompt was to ‘write a poem from the POV of an inanimate object in your room, and I happened to choose the very instrument I’m writing this blog post on (which is obvious from the title) – my laptop! Here it is 🙂

I stare at her
What is she gonna look at today?
Faces captured, frozen in time
Moving pictures with tunes she can’t help but smile to
Ah, the words.
Today she looks at words that echo within her chest
Feelings she once though that she faced alone,
But now knows that most of the world has been in the same boat as her
Most of these feelings though,
they reside with her in the past
And sometimes make quick, fast and hasty appearances
But she has immensely grown since then
I’ve seen it myself
From days when water dripped from the tip of her nose
And created rivers on the wood below
To the days where she could see the same things
That once formed waterways and channels
And now instead greets me with a hint of a smile and wistful remembrance
I was there for her when she had no where to go
I lent her my parts, my parts that helped rebuild her whole
Keys that made way for her words to tumble from her finger tips
I lent her everything I had, just like all those years ago.
I gave her my all, and somehow that helped her regain hope.

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