NaPoWriMo 2017 – Day 2!

Hello wonderful people, and welcome to the beginning of my first ever NaPoWriMo ie. National Poetry Writing Month. Sadly, yesterday’s prompt by Airplane Poetry Movement didn’t really strike a chord within me, so I began from today’s prompt, which is, ‘Write a letter to your 12 year old self.’ This poem may seem extremely cliched, but I’ve written what I feel would have been useful for 12 year old me to hear – that she willย be fine.

Dear 12 year old self,
There’s a lot in store for you.
Days where you feel like the world will soon end,
Days where you feel like you,
You’re your only friend.
And days where the feeling in your chest is brighter than the sun
Days where all you’ll want to do is run
and feel the wind blowing your hair around and you won’t care.
It’s beautiful because,
Despite what you’ll go through – you’ll pull through and you’ll grow
And experience the best and experience the worst.
But I promise.
You’ll surprise yourself through and through,
And will emerge shining and new
With the past still stuck on your edges
Reminding you of things that once were
and are now not.
And when you grow,
and do things things that once seemed impossible
You’ll look back on the old times.
Smile and wave,
Cause you – you’re enough
and you’ll find the things you’ve always wanted to find.
Just, hold on 12 year old self.
You’ll do just fine.


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