How Would You Feel?

Music is something that I fall back on despite what ever I’m feeling, whether it’s happiness, sadness or anger. It also has the capability to create happiness and in a lot of cases – awe. For me an artist that has always inspired me, is Ed Sheeran – fondly referred to as ‘Ginger Jesus’ by his fans, who are collectively termed as ‘Sheerios’. While I started listening to this wonderful human being in 9th grade, he still remains as one of my favorite artists ever.

His lyrics are the sweetest thing, putting into words the simplest of emotions. And he is a wonderful guitarist with a knack for using a loop pedal to play complete songs just by himself. The best part is that when you feel like you’ve heard all of his songs, you’re proved wrong. And this has happened to me many times, and if it has happened to me – it will definitely happen to you. I’m not his biggest fan, but I’m a big enough fan to know this.

I’m a big enough fan to make typography of his face and song lyrics. Here’s the image:


Now to the next artist I’m excited to talk about. John Mayer. John (flipping) Mayer. He’s a wonderful musician, and I got to listening to his songs avidly probably a couple of weeks ago thanks to a friend. And I have NOT turned back since then. His music is a mix of so many genres – blues, jazz, country etc. And he’s such a talented guitarist it is insane. His solos have always managed to blow me away. And he’s one of those artists that who’s live performance is better than the songs on his record.

Now put them together, and you get a taste of heaven. These two have collaborated on several occasions, and have even chosen each other tattoos without telling each other on television. Both of these artists are releasing new music as we speak, with Mayer releasing 4 new songs this Friday and Sheeran releasing his new album on 3rd March 2017. (I’M SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN.)

The latest track off Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ is called ‘How Would You Feel’. And the song is classic Ed, possessing his most characteristic and loved traits – beautiful guitar riffs combined with adorable and loving lyrics to produce a gorgeous ballad. I can’t deal with how beautiful and soothing the song is. This track has a great electric guitar solo as well, which unassumingly has John Mayer-esque vibes. When a friend andlove.png I heard it together, that’s actually the first thought we both had. To those who are unaware, the man is a legend on the guitar with his bent string solos. (For reference, listen to this live performance of ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ here.) And then yesterday, both artists casually confirmed that it was – in fact – John Mayer playing the solo in Ed Sheeran’s song. And even though I was informed of this at 1AM in the morning, I stayed up and listened to the song over and over again, revelling in it’s beauty. What surprised me is how I was able to identify that it was close to what Mayer would play, and it actually was him!

In case you didn’t notice I’m super excited and pumped cause this is a great time for music. A great time. If you’re planning to listen to either of their music, I recommend both of them a hundred percent. Go ahead little grasshoppers, be prepared to be blown away.


3 thoughts on “How Would You Feel?

    1. Edge of Desire is good! Thank you for that one! 🙂

      Alle Hagel John Mayer und Ed Sheeran! Sie machen schöne Musik.

      Danke infiniteperplexes. Bis später.

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