It’s 2016, Happy New Year readers and fellow bloggers! It’s already close to the end of the first month of the year, which is honestly mind-blowing. Not because I’ve survived this long on the planet, but due to the fact that time is rushing past with alarming speed. The properties of time never fails to faze me.

A supposed rite of the New Year are resolutions which I’m sure almost everyone is aware of. Promising not to eat excessively, to exercise more, to spend more time with family and friends, to put in more effort at work, to travel often, to love deeply – the list is endless. I don’t know about you guys, but resolutions have never worked out for me.  Therefore, this year I chose not to have resolutions.

I suppose living in the present is more appealing to me, having to work out what needs to be done at that very moment. And I must say, I’m seeing some progress. Albeit, not as much I’d like to see – but enough to push me forward. It’s hard of course, but little changes don’t cause a pandemonium in one go. You learn with every tiny shift, and you adjust to it. It’s fantastic.

Keeping in mind these changes, there are often times when I feel completely lethargic to do anything at all. There’s always help around though, especially in your friends and family. If they’re not close by, there’s nothing a good movie and some treats can’t do. Here are some Hindi films that I think give you those feel-good vibes, which can motivate you to do anything you set your mind to. (Ps. Positivity works wonders 🙂 )

  1. Queen
    It’s a coming of age film with wonderful dialogues, characters and story which will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Much required growth after going to a foreign country without knowing any of the local languages and facing it all alone? Piece of cake. (Note the heavy sarcasm.)
  2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
    This film is a bit more commercialised that the first one, but never the less is a story of friendship and love – and how decisions either make or break relationships. You always have to lose something in order to gain something else,right? Although Hannah Montana said it, it isn’t often that one experiences the best of both worlds.Yeh-Jawaani-Hai-Deewani-Movie-First-Look-Posters.jpg
  3. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara
    What more can I say – three best friends, bachelor party, trip to Spain, heaps of adventure and individual growth. If you’re not interested now – you should be ashamed of yourself 😛
  4. 3 Idiots
    A film about how being unique isn’t a crime, rather is a boon if you choose to follow the road less taken. That’s what makes all of the difference, when you decide for yourself.

If you’re watching these films, do let  me know what you think of them. I caution you though, there may be certain parts in the movies that are exaggerated (eg. The baby kick.) Apart from those, you should be good to go. Have fun watching!

Cheers to a good year guys 🙂 Let’s make the most of it.



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