“Beyond Uncertainty Lies Initiative”

Hello guys! I missed out on yesterdays writing challenge – having to prep for my exam today. Whoop whoop, first term complete. *insert check mark emoji* Here starts another term of sleepy, exuberant and silly days. Coupled with learning (of course) and some friendly mishaps along the way.

Moving on, I’ve decided to combine yesterday and today’s prompt. (Indigenous, I know.) While yesterday’s prompt focuses on making a list, today we have to chose one of 6 words presented to us and create a post around it. I’ve chosen the word ‘Uncertainty‘. Β And the list topic I’ve chosen – ‘Things I’ve learnt‘. Without further ado, here is my response to the two writing challenges πŸ™‚

Things I’ve learnt through being uncertain:Β 
– It leads to procrastination
– It leads to hesitation
– It leads to undermining of own self
– It leads to the understanding of one’s own being
– It leads to divergent thinking
– It leads to that ‘Eureka!’ moment
– It leads to action
– It leads to experience
– It leads to knowledge
– It leads to satisfaction

I know from experience, that uncertainty is a major block to many tasks. Let it be pursuing a new hobby, looking for colleges, planning your future, making new friendships – everything has a hint of uncertainty and apprehension towards it.

‘Uncertain’ is defined as something not known or definite; not being confident or sure of something. It is definitely a negative feeling, but it does have it’s positive outcomes – I suppose that’s what pushes us forward. Taking a chance may be frightening, but it is thrilling at the same time. It motivates us to better the person we are, to learn more and to experience more. As a commonly heard proverb states, there is nothing more certain than uncertainty. We never know what life is going to throw at us, – but it up to us as to how we deal with it, and how we let it affect us.

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