“I Write Because…”


To start off, I’d like to go back to 2011 – when I first stared my blog. It was another one, different from this. At the time, it was my dream to become an author or a journalist. It still is a distant dream of mine – which I hope to achieve some day. So, I created that blog with the help of my father – to publish my musings and all the random bits and pieces of prose in my mind.

The problem with me is that I’m a procrastinator. And I’m to constantly keep myself motivated to work, else I’ll fail to keep my attention – and believe me, it’s frustrating. Extremely frustrating. So I was not a frequent blogger, and I utilised my blog for a whole two years. In that course of time, I got into photography as well. Most of my blog’s posts were to showcase my photos. (I’ve transferred the content of my old blog on to this one, so you can go through my pictures if you’d like.)

Back to the point, here comes 2013. I believe it was October – and that’s when i decided to make another blog. And that’s the blog you’re reading this post on, right now. It was an extension of my feelings, the changes I underwent. Once again, I wasn’t every frequent – but I turned out to be happier on this blog. It showed the world who I am. Although consisting of fewer followers and posts when compared to my other blog, I felt more free here. Euphoric even, to be able speak exactly what was on my mind without too much of a filter.

So to answer today’s writing prompt from Blogging University’s Writing 101 Course – I write to express. To express, the fathoms of my mind and soul. It’s an art to me, where I’m able to paint a picture with words, describing what I’d like to convey. The brilliance of it, is that the perception of anything written always varies. Especially when it comes to poetry (something that I love) – when the reader tries to understand the poets thoughts, emotions – just by reading lines structured beautifully. It’s interesting to hear the method at which people arrive to conclusions, the way they comprehend what has been written, the way they embrace the words presented to them. Sometimes the meaning is right under their noses, sometimes they’re required to read in between the lines. In all it’s exhilarating to experience.

I feel as though I don’t have the right to answer this prompt, because I’ve kept writing off for ages. Academics, friends, life – the list of reasons go on, but they’re all excuses. Enrolling in the Writing 101 course is a sort of trial I have to pass, in order to redeem myself in my own eyes. I want my writing to be that part of me that always has me going, reaching, running and hoping to be the best at what I enjoy. The best I can possibly be.

I now write – to keep myself grounded to the person I was, the person I am and the person I will be.

(Image courtesy: tumblr)


8 thoughts on ““I Write Because…”

  1. Are you extremely introverted, meticulous observer, by any chance?

    Reading your font is difficult–very tiny.

    Have a great week ahead.

    Anand 🙂

    1. I’m more of an extrovert I believe, but I’ve been meaning to change the theme of my blog. The font is that small due to the theme, I’m sorry about that >.<

  2. “To express, the fathoms of my mind and soul. It’s an art to me, where I’m able to paint a picture with words, describing what I’d like to convey.” Very eloquent! – Looking forward to read your art.

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