Hello all!
I’m not going to beat around the bush so here are a few of my favourite poems 😀

1. Self Love by Lang Leav
A short, sweet and powerful poem inspiring you to believe in yourself!

2. Masks by Shel Silverstein
Ah, the perils of love. *sighs*

3. Mirror by Sylvia Plath 
The pure agitation of a woman trapped within herself, hoping to something she has evolved from in the past.


4. Forget Me Not by Lang Leav 
I dedicate this poem to all of the people, who I thought would never leave my side. *laughs*
Anyway, this poem is beautiful, efficiently describing how some people just ‘forget’ you.

I guess these are my top poems at the moment! So, tell me guys. What are your favourites? And why? 🙂


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