The Foundation of Things that Matter

Hello! I haven’t been on much but I’m here – participating in the Writing 201 – Poetry Challenge for the next two weeks! Although I’ve missed the first two challenges, here’s the third one – where we ave to write a poem on trust, using the acrostic (Pronounced as ahc-RUS-tic) form of poetry and an internal rhyme. I hope you guys can find them 😉

Together we stand,
Rusted hands clamped together
Underlying the brands and labels
Striving to resist unplanned attacks
To stand despite the odds, to believe in one another.

A Simple Quote

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4 thoughts on “The Foundation of Things that Matter

      1. I like to make people smile. In fact, I don’t care who or what causes the smiles, as long as they occur – wouldn’t it be great if the world was taken over by a happiness virus. We’d all stop fighting and killing!

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