My Little Sis-Bling

Get it? Sister + Sibling = Sis-Bling πŸ˜€

Lame, I know. Anyway.

My sister has always been a source of anger and annoyance for me. Well, that and love too. No matter how much we fight, I can’t stay mad at her for long. The same goes for her as well.

The two of us crazy, loud, irritating and *apparently* look-alike sisters.

My initial subject for this interview was going to be a good friend of mine, but then I backtracked. I thought, ‘Hey! Why not the little lady at home who knows exactly how to get on my nerves?’Β And that is exactly what I went with. Here’s a sneak-peek at my sister’s thoughts.

So, what’s your name?

How old are you?Β 

(Jokingly) I’m a bad sister for not knowing that.
*Laughs* I’ll be turning 12 in January next year.

Hmm, so what are your favourite activities?
Eating, playing computer games, etc… *Our dad walks into the room, and we both exclaim that we want to have pizza for dinner. Sadly, we get no reply.*

Any changes that you’ve observed from when you were 10?
*Without a trace of uncertainty* Nothing.

Anything you’re looking forward to for when you turn 12?Β 
Oh….. I don’t know.

Not sure?

Ready to go to 7th grade?

What’s special about 7th?
I can go to high school after that!

What’s so fascinating about high school?
Not high school, I’m excited for 7th ’cause apparently it’s really fun. And it’s the last year we’ll be together as a class.

Oh! That’s true because –
Yeah, because in 8th grade we’ll be shuffled.

But first you mentioned going to high school. Why was that?
I forgot, I don’t know why I said high school.

Oh! I want to go to high school because of the coffee shop (Cafe Coffee Day).

Ah! Reasons. We all have them.Β 
And I also want to get into the school’s editorial team.

You get in the editorial team only in 10th grade. At that time, the teachers will choose you if you’re good at english and are very creative. So be good.

I understand that you like writing!

How come I haven’t seen any of what you’ve written?
‘Cause I haven’t shown you.

Why not?
‘Cause you haven’t Β shown me anything of yours.

Hmm. Fair enough.
Although I’ve read some of your stories.

*Frowns* That’s not nice of you.
*Laughs* I’ve already told you that I have!

Which one did you read?
I don’t remember the name.

What’s it about?Β 
Alexandra Rose, I think..

Oh, that one!Β 
Yeah, what’s it called?

It’s called trials!
Have you even finished it? *dubiously*

It’s on hold. *Smiles sheepishly*
*Grins widely*

So what’s your story about?
In it, Percy Jackson and Avatar collide. Where Azula and Luke come to kill them.

Ouch. That must be painful. Azula’s crazy, Luke’s crazy – That’s a bad match.
*Laughs* And she can shoot plasma bolts out of her hands. But in the end, Percy and everyone else wins.

Cool! Moving on, what are the biggest problems you face at this age?
Nothing! Apart from fighting with my friends…. Why are you recording this exactly?

An interview that needs to go up on my blog, remember?Β 
Oh. But –

Shh. So what else are you interested in, apart from food that is? You like make-up don’t you?
Yeah! It’s awesome! I like watching video’s and then try to do the same things they do. But, it never comes out well. *Laughs*

Did you know that we formed a band at school?

Oh really?
Yeah. And I’m in it!

No way.
I’m a singer in it. It’s a One Direction type of band, filled with only singers.

Okaaaaay. What’s they name of this band?
*Stares at me* We haven’t thought about that yet. But one of my friend is writing a song.

Oh, what’s the song about?
I don’t know.

What are you talking about? You guys are a band, you should discuss these kind of things!
Well. She said she’ll Β show us the lyrics once she’s done. The song’s about joy. In fact, it’s called joy.

As long as it doesn’t have weird lyrics, I’m okay. You know, doing older sister duties and stuff.
*Rolls eyes at me*

Are we done yet? I need to watch the latest episode of Fairytail!
Yes, we’re done. Thank you for your time, dear sister.

– End of interview –

(Reading back through this post, I find our interaction extremely amusing :P)
(Ps. Photo credit – Shutterstock.)


8 thoughts on “My Little Sis-Bling

    1. That’s great πŸ™‚ You can’t help but love siblings, although they may behave like idiots πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Im gal you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

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