…A wee-bit Obsessed?

My lovely readers, the latest news from me – infiniteperplexes – is that I’ve downloaded the album ‘Meet The Vamps’ by The Vamps, and it’s been playing on repeat on my iPod for the past 4 days.

And I’m relishing every second of it ^_^

A lot of people may think that they’re the stereotypical boy band with their fresh looks and up beat songs, but I think they’re pretty different. This band consists of a drummer, 3 guitarists, 1 lead vocalist and 3 side vocalists – all inclusive of 4 talented boys.

Anyway, the album is filled with peppy tracks – loaded with witty and very sweet lyrics. For a hopeless romantic like myself, I think these boys hit the jackpot. Although the tunes may sound a tad bit similar to one another, they’re actually very distinct in their own little ways.

One of my personal favourite form the album is ‘Shout About It.’ It’s a beautifully composed song, with acoustic guitar and the lead’s dreamy vocals, highlighted with the insanely warm and adorable lyrics. Here are a few lines from the song:

If you want words to put your mind at rest tonight, come and shout about it
And we can talk for a hindered miles and drive, where you’re less surrounded.

I say give this band a chance. I guess anyone is bound to find at least one of their songs catchy, regardless of their musical tastes. So give them a listen an tell me what you though, okay? I want more people to talk to about these songs – all of which I’ve come to enjoy a lot in the past few days 🙂

Leave your comments below and lets get started 😀



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