I’m Not Fine At All


There are those people, that you never thought you’d ever lose. Those people, who you thought would be with you till the very end. Those people, that you believed in.

But life’s no fairy tale. It demands for you to wake up from your day dreams and accept that as time progresses – some things are bound to happen. Even if they hurt like crazy, and you’re not the one at fault. Keeping yourself okay at that point off time is obviously heart wrenching and impossible. Or so you think.

You’re forced to walk around like you’re completely fine, like the demons within yourself are not clawing you alive. You want to reach out to the person, to hug them and apologise to get them back in your life.

Yet, you fight this urge back.

You know that this person now loathes your existence. You’re not an important part of their life anymore. And maybe unconsciously – Your ego is holding you back. You can’t fall into their arms again begging for their affection.

“I wish that could wake up with amnesia, and forget about these stupid little things. Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you. And the memories I never can escape – Cause I’m not fine at all.” – Amnesia, 5 Seconds Of Summer


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