The Maternal POV

Looking at the words that frame my post’s title, you must have figured that this post has something to do with Mums.

Mum. Mother. Mom. Mommy. Amma. Maa.

Different languages, one meaning.

Your mother. The wonderful woman who bought you up, played a crucial role in your life. Who had the strength to bear you inside of her self for 9 long months, who had the strength to let you go and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

A mothers love is something that cannot be paralleled to. No, I’m not speaking from the experience of being a mom (since I don’t have kids :P) I’m speaking from the experience of being under the care and live of my own mother.

But, do we still care a about our own parents?

Truth be told, the older we get, we tend to think of the things we want. The things we require. Our paths to success. The love of our lives. Everything. We want to own our lives, and live it the fullest. I understand, that it’s human nature to do so, but is that we should always take our parents for granted?


Lately, I’ve observed that my mum has become more lazier, and more distracted, unsettled. She herself noticed it as well, and we had a chat about it. She said that she doesn’t feel like doing much at home, since she doesn’t receive the support she craves. Her children being busy, and husband always changing his mind like a teenage girl during her PMS. I did my best to let her know that I got her back, and I was happy when she smiled. She had appreciated the fact that I still love her and will continue to love her, no matter what. Although she still wants her husband to make up his mind…

So all I want to say is: To you, whoever you are. You’ve taken your time to read this post. Son, daughter, wife, husband, parent, grandparent or who ever you are, remember the people that raised you up. The people who went through so many hardships just to get the best for you.

Love your mother. Love your father. Love your family. Love the world.

“You’re in the car,
On the way to the movies
And you’re mortified,
Your mum is dropping you off.
At fourteen there’s just so much you can’t do,
You can’t wait to move out some day and call your own shots.
But don’t make her drop you off around the block,
Remember that she’s getting older too.
And don’t loose the way that you dance,
Around in your PJ’s getting ready for school.”
– Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift


Yes, and Bob love his mum – Ms. WordPress – as well 🙂


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