The Story Of Love

You know, I find it beautiful to see people in love. They’re eyes spark up by just mentioning their partner, they’re always smiling and they’re happier overall. And it’s even better when that person happens to be you.

Those small secrets, hidden smiles, flirty comments, laughing together, missing each other – everything is an amazing experience. It makes you feel wanted, it makes you feel appreciated, it makes you feel loved. And when I said that, you must have been like, “No sh*t Sherlock! You’re talking about being in love, then say it makes you feel loved…. *facepalm* 😛

But then – of course- there’s the flip side of a coin.

Love can break you. Emotionally.

It’s funny as to how the people that make us happy one day simply make us feel dejected and alone the next. I don’t know whether they to it intentionally or not, but it hurts like hell. They move on, and are no longer a part of our lives.

And we end up feeling pathetic. Miserable. Depressed. Bitter.

“Why did they leave? What did I do wrong?”

It’s just just heart-wrenching.

But then…











You learn from your past relationship. You gain memories to last a lifetime, out of which the good ones make you smile and the bad ones teach you lessons.
You let go of the person who has hurt you.
You move on, and feel free, like a little bird.

And then you soar your wings to fly away and fall in love all over again.

Who knows, this time it may be the love to last a lifetime.


(Ps. Bob – my blog – says hi 🙂 He missed everyone!)


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