It’s Monday Morning!

Where ever you are, the weekend is either ending or it has already ended.

Where I live, it’s over. And it’s Monday Morning.

A definite “Screw the world moment” for many. I tried to be rebellious and fall back to the comfort of my bed, but I don’t want to do that with an angry mother on my heels. *Shudders*

So here I am, waiting for my bucket of water get filled. Waiting for reality to catch up to me 😛 I shall highlight a few ways to have a good Monday morning, minus those blues. (In my opinion, which can work no matter what.)

1. Make sure you’ve finished all of your leftover work for Monday on or before 9:00pm on Sunday night. No one particularly likes sloppy work, or anything that’s left over.

2. Get ready for Monday. You don’t want to be late for work on the first day of the week, do you?! Especially when the reason for being late is searching for those comfortable pants. Or ironing you clothes. Or forgetting that you have clothes.

3.Sleep early the night before!! You will automatically smile (I think 😛 ) when you wake up. The day from there can either get better, or horribly worse.

4. Exercise! You need to be fit for the day to come – Physically and mentally. Walk your dog around in the wee hours of the morning, or shake a leg at home home to your favourite music. (Without annoying your family and the neighbours!)

5. And my favourite option.
For the other lazy people out there like me, avoid everything stated above on this list! Just sleep until 7:00am. You’ll wake up with a start, hurry to get ready and pack your stuff before you leave at 7:30am. (Which is kinda like exercising in itself :P) Then you’ll get blasted for the incomplete work you have. The day surely can only get better after that.

So, what did you guys think? Bob thinks I’m being retarded, as usual. But now it’s me running late, and I doubt my mum would be happy to see me lounging on the couch at this point of time.

Bwhahaaaa! I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket..

No. Do do not get sidetracked. Really need to go now. Ciao 😀


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday Morning!

  1. I’m number 5 xD I get up early and sleep after my bath so VWOOM I NEED TO RUSH AND THAT’S EXERCISE FOR US BLOBS 😛 And Bob will get used to you ^_^

    *hugs Bob*

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