Hello World!

Aloha to all of you amazing people out there 😀
This is my new blog, Midnight Rendezvous. Please say hello to him! * He expects some nice, warm hugs and kisses – only if that is okay with you*
(And yes, my blog is a male. His name is Bob, just so you know :3)

Moving on, just as his public name suggests, he is my escape from the real world for a while, in the night. I may pen down my thoughts, post a picture or do what ever my mood tells me to do on (to..?) him. (No pun intended :P) And yes, I already love Bob. I think he would like more love too, since that’s what everyone likes.

(Not only love, people tend like things like respect, appreciation etc. But I sometimes think, love is a fundamental aspect to everything. You may not like a person, but your love for humanity keeps you from lashing out on them due to their stupidity. Yes, love has a role in that as well. :P)

Moving on, feel free to read and humour yourself to my crazy crazy self. And my thoughts. And wishes. And dreams. Oh, and to Bob’s amazing appearance, as well 😉

So Ciao for now, lovelies! Will talk to you soon! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

    1. I’d think he’s like that, but please, get him home before midnight. Otherwise he get’s a bit loopy in the head the next day. And I don’t want that.


      (BTW, thanks for the first comment Carrie!)

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