The Natural World

It was a silent night. 

The 4 year old me sat in front of the television, watching cartoons with interest. My baby sister lay sleeping in the room, with out a care in the world while my father dutifully sat beside her, reading a book in the soft light of the bed lamp. My grandparents were sitting on the couch behind me, lost in their own chatter. My mother suddenly returned into the cottage we were residing in with gleeful eyes, and ushered the 4 of us (My father, grandparents and I) outside.

And we all were truly awestruck.

In the beautiful dark velvet we call the night sky, were gazillion of starts shimmering and beckoning all of us to stare at the them in amazement. It was a breathtaking sight, as they continued to glimmer endlessly. Our gazes never left the small view of the vast universe we were able to experience that one night. 

And that was probably one of my most….. fascinating encounters with mother nature in her most purest form. 


2 thoughts on “The Natural World

  1. Great blog Sanjana… Like father you have great talent.. Enjoyed reading the blog… I will ask my son to follow he is very young but i will hook him to this and ask you to help him in his writing skills…

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