It’s Fun To Smile (Weekly Writing Challenge)

So…. It’s Phoneography Month! It’s amazing, isn’t it? Oh, so this time the theme is to capture a “real” smile. Capturing a photograph which has hundreds of emotions developed to form one beautiful smile. I have tried capturing these kinds of photographs, but believe me: It wasn’t easy.

BUT let me tell you how I captured an amazing smile, unknowingly.

Basically, our family was invading the privacy of this quiet and solitary farm. Right at the gates, there were two puppies. One was cream and one was a black and brown one. The cream one was tied to a wheel barrow and barked at us as we walked in, while the latter had it’s leash tied around a pole. Of course, we got scared and kept away from them. (Silly, I know!) We entered the mysterious farm and explored for a bit. While walking back, this little guy seemed to be more happy to see us now. And here’s the result of our continuous petting and scratching behind his ears got us. (Ps. I didn’t even know he was grinning until I had put this picture on to my computer! it was awesome just seeing him smile like that! :D) –

IMG_7251 2

Now, to look at this from the pup’s perspective! Here we go :

I have waited for these crazy humans to come for ages now! How long does it take to see a FARM, eh? My other human friends had finally untied me, but didn’t let my partner in crime free cause she was still barking. Isn’t she a silly old dog? Wait… I SEE THEM COMING! I wagged my tail happily back and forth as they edged closer. I began to trot towards them, hoping they could see that I really wanted to play.Β 

Yet, they avoided me. Yes, all over again. At least that’s what I thought before this nice man reached out and scratched my ear. OH MY GOD! That feels awesome. I wagged my tail faster, signifying that I was really REALLY happy. The rest of them then reached down and started to pet me, and all I felt was pure love radiating from their personas. I could here the other ones bark for attention, but that seemed to frighten them even more. Hehe, her loss! Oh, the bliss of being scratched where you can’t reach!Β 

Sadly, they had to leave. I stared at them helplessly, hoping for more fun and play. They all took their turns in bidding bye-bye to me and the other girl. I smiled at them, glad that they weren’t mean like other people who I’d seen, although a tinge of sadness still lined my thoughts. I was smiling at their behaviour, just as one of them took a snap of me. I bet I looked great! I mean, who can resist puppy dog eyes and a small, cute little bundle of fun and joy?!

This was my contribution to this awesome month ahead. I know it isn’t a loved one as in a person, but who doesn’t love puppies?! And this post, is partially the truth (What I wrote about the picture capture) and the rest is fiction (the pup’s perspective!) So, what did ya guys think? πŸ™‚


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