The day the dentists stood still.

Today’s daily writing prompt said –“Invent a holiday! Explain how and why everyone should celebrate.” So here I am asking you for one chance! (Sorry, One Direction’s got to me!) Moving on, I’ve thought up of a crazy yet awesome day for people who have sweet tooth’s all around the world.

The one and only, CHOCOLATE DAY! 😀

The reason this day would be so special: The only time of the year no one tells you not to eat chocolate!! Many of us are quite careful of the amount of chocolate we eat for VARIOUS reasons, so on this day, you can simply let go and hog as much as you want!

To kick start the celebration, there would be chocolate for breakfast (In the form of cereal, milk, chocolate-flavoured pancakes, anything!!) The children could go to one another houses, where different forms of chocolate would be handed to them. As the day progresses, stalls would open on the roadsides to sell home-made chocolate goods. Everyone has a great time, with no one nagging you and ordering you to stop eating your beloved chocolates. Of course this day is for everyone, but appeals more to the chocoholics. (Like me! 😛 )

Ah, my mouth waters at the thought of such a holiday. Oh, and by the way, this is the day when ALL the dentists in the WORLD get a break, cause everyone would be busy eating their own chocolate!! 😉

I would love to have such a day, but alas, there is no such thing. At least I have my imagination and some money to buy a bar of chocolate!! 😀



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