Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Hello world! 🙂

This week’s photo challenge is based on what makes us happy, and I have LOADS of things that make me smile DAILY!! But, I coludn’t capture all of them, so here are the ones I did capture!

There are pics of two flowers, and I love it when they bloom in my house! There’s a pic of y iPod (My musical life), My little butterfly pendant, the mask which I painted and everyone loved, my favourite Anime eyes, the purse which I knitted (I did it ALL by my self!! :D) and my books! Not to mention, bright colour bracelets that light up any outfit I wear and a picture with a sparkly, golden heart…. 😉 I love bubbles, and enjoy popping them. So I had my sister stand in front of me while she blew them and I ended up capturing that weird, pretty shot! 🙂

The best thing that makes my day is seeing other people smile. So that’s where the picture comes in with a cartoon face smiling….. I drew her!! 🙂

This is what makes ME happy. What about you guys? Any same interests as me? Anyone?! 😉 😀


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