Converse: A Youth Symbol

What comes into your mind when you see a symbol consisting of a circular patch, a star in the center and the name ‘Chuck Taylor‘?

Of course, it’s the symbol of Chuck Taylor All-Stars a.k.a Converse shoes.

Their black-and-white shoes have been around since the 1940’s, a few years after the World War II.

Now they aren’t only available in the standard black and white designs but also come in an wide range of colors, patterns and materials.

This makes them much more trendy and fun to wear for today’s youth. Teenagers usually prefer Converse rather than another pair of shoes as they enjoy it’s comfort and they feel that it makes them look cool.

You could say that they feel it’s customized for their age. They feel converse shoes describe their various styles and trends. They feel converse shoes-“Describes ME.”

However, their thoughts are not followed by the older generation. While teens feel converse can be worn everyday and for any occasion, they completely disagree. For example, wearing converse with a dress to dinner or to work is not imaginable.

Some think that converse are expensive and a waste of money, not to mention a few adults also judge Converse by their looks ie. their colors, how dirty they are etc. They prefer heels or slippers when compared with converse.

But whatever they feel, it’s the truth that always prevails, right?? They can’t deny the fact that they are living in the ‘Converse Century.’


Dear Adults,

Welcome to the OUR Century.

It’s where CONVERSE SHOES are worn for comfort and style.


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