I didn’t mean to…. :(

My friend and I are currently fighting, so I wrote this poem to tell her how I feel. And she has NOT read it yet! It is titled “I Didn’t Mean To”  because I never meant to make her her feel sad. For some reason though, she is not ready to listen to me. (Sigh..)

I Didn’t Mean To

I was always there for you

and you were always there for me.

But when I met new people,

you left me with no where else to lean.

My new friends were different,

I wanted to know them well.

But in the process I got carried away

and that’s when your smile fell.

Slowly I noticed, 

that something was wrong.

You were more silent around me

and you didn’t laugh at my stupid songs.

When I asked, you said

that you thought I spent more time with THEM

than you.

That’s why you became more distant, 

which I noted was true.

I then realized my mistake

and how precious friendship is

but, I couldn’t leave my other friends either,

So matter still remains as it is.

But please understand, breaking friendship is hard.

I cannot lose them or YOU.

Maybe you now understand how I feel,

and our friendship may renew.

Hope you liked it!!! Please feel free to comment about this poem and some of my other posts too!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “I didn’t mean to…. :(

  1. Oh My! Did you write this? .. Becoz’, its absolutely beautiful! and makes me wanna go “Aww..”
    Seriously, you are NOT.. a first time blogger.
    Besides, my friend has a blog, its called kartstocarz.blogspot.com . If you’re a “Sort of” car fan, join it, cause her posts are god too.. go through them..
    ok, Can you give me your id? I’ll send you a test mail.. and we’ll catch up sometime.

    1. Yes, I did! And, thank you! And I absolutely AM. 🙂 And I already know that blog! I’ll send you a mail telling you how I know…. 😉

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